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Introduction to Citation Building

We ensure small businesses excel through citation building services. According to Google, business citations influence local search results on Google Maps.

Today, people are searching for local businesses more than ever. Did you know 88% of consumers search for local info on mobile devices? Additionally, 51% of mobile searches have local search intent. Clearly, consumers are searching for local businesses near them.

But, how does this relate to business citations?

Business citations establish prominence for small businesses. According to Google, Google Maps determines local search results through prominence scores. Essentially, prominence scores correlate to the popularity of local businesses on the internet. Traditionally, prominence scores correspond to the number of local business citations. Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl numerous business directories to find business citations for local businesses throughout the United States. 

Anyway, let’s discuss what a business citation is.

What are business citations?

Simply put, business citations are business listings cited in directories across the internet. For example, business listings on YellowPages are considered citations. Specifically, business listings include business information such as the name, address, and phone number (NAP).

According to Whitespark, business citations send signals to search engines that a company is trustworthy. We recommend local businesses invest in business citations. Honestly, citation building is imperative for local businesses that want to rank on Google Maps. As mentioned earlier, search engines use business citations to determine local search results.

Do you want to appear on Google Maps? At Orso Leads, we want customers to find you when they search for local businesses. As an internet marketing agency, we offer citation-building services to boost small businesses in local search results.

What is citation building?

At Orso Leads, we build citations for local businesses. But, what exactly is citation building? By definition, citation building refers to publishing accurate, applicable, and consistent business listings to business directions. Generally, citation building services help local businesses appear at the top of search engines for local searches.

Why do local businesses need citations?

We establish credibility for small businesses through citation-building services. As mentioned, citations indicate to search engines that a local company is trustworthy. Google monitors business citations to display accurate business information on Google Maps. But, business citations benefit consumers too.

Sometimes, customers search business listing directories for local businesses. In the United States, customers transact with local businesses through Yelp. We recommend local business owners take advantage of these relevant directories.

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